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Family center “HAPPY LAND” of Espoo offers fascinating activities for families with children!

HAPPY LAND provides resources for parents and encourages parental visits and participation in Espoo.

We offer learning and fun activities for children:

  • YMKA offers diverse learning environments to children aged 1,5-7.
  • Gymnastics for babies aged 3m-4 y.o.
  • Art-studio for children aged 5-12
  • Children’s club TA-PA-PAM provides early learning activities for babies aged 6m-1,5 y.o.
  • Art-studio SAM (diverse workshop activities: handcraft in different techniques)
  • School of musical acting for children aged 5-9
  • Dance studio Arabesk for children aged 4-5
  • Russian language training for kids
  • Daycare groups where we provide different educational and fun activities for kids, while moms and dads have time for themselves (up to 4 hours)

Activities for adults:

  • Healthy Back (Physiotherapy)
  • Art studio for children and adults.
  • Finnish and English for adults and families
  • We provide assistance in social and cultural integration for immigrants.

Everybody is welcomed to organise an event in our Family Club

For more info contact us by email or visit our website
Happy Land is located on Merenkulkijankatu 3, 02320 Espoo (100 м.from Lippulaiva)

Manager/Owner Tatiana Dolganenko