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HAPPY LAND International Family Center offers exciting and useful activities for children, adolescents and adults in different languages.

Children’s general development and language support

- Russian for preschoolers. Exciting comprehensive classes for children ages 1 to 8 (different program for each age).

- Russian for schoolchildren: Russian language learning and support classes for primary and secondary school students.

- English for children.

Art school

- Painting studio for children ages 5 to 15 and adults (in Russian and Finnish);

- Music and choral studio for children ages 4 to 10;

- Theater and music studio for children ages 4 to 10;

- Dance studio for children ages 3 to 10;

- “Fairy Tale with Your Own Hands” needlework studio for children from age 4.

- Art History courses for schoolchildren and adults;

- Photography courses.

Robotics (the basics of computer science and programming for children from age 5).

Activities for parents, professionals and stakeholders

- Conscious parenting club (seminars and consultations for current and future parents);

- Educational experts club (aims at supporting all members in exchanging experience and promoting of educational innovations);

- Club for adults: “Exploring your own personal interests” including consultations on family relationships, difficult and critical life situations (individual/ in group). Register on our website or by phone 0400723157.

Class schedules and additional information about the Center you will find on our website ,  by phone 0400723157 or by e-mail:

We are waiting for you at: Merenkulkijankatu 3 (the entrance is around the corner from entrance F), 02320 Espoo (100 meters from Lippulaiva shopping center).

In our Center everyone will find classes to their liking and support on their matters of interest.


Tatiana Dolganenko